Saturday, October 27, 2007

Back in the tropics

Flew into Cairns yesterday, done some exploring and lounged around by the Lagoon (might have sun burn :( ). Not sure about the hostel i'm in but i'll stay around as I know some people who are arriving on monday.

Probably go snorkling or diving off the Great Barrier Reef and Croc hunting trip next week so looking forward to that.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back in Australia

Just uploading some photos now. Been on a little welcome to Sydney tour this week so met lots of people and done stuff including surfing (getting better!), Blue Mountains, Jet Boating, Walked from Bondi to Coogee and BBQ. On Saturday I bumped into some people I went rafting with in New Zealand, so that was nice to see them again.

Seems a bit weird now as all my plans have finished. Thinking of flying up to Cairns as apparently now it the best time of year to be there (weather and jelly fish are a problem from Jan onwards).

Weather is nice here, seems to vary from 25-35C though it is usually cool in the evenings.

Most people from my 'OzIntro' group on the balcony of surfside backpackers.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Castaway, Survivor, The Beach?

Not quite, but i've just uploaded my pictures of my travels to Vorovoro Fiji, see the link on the right or see the few I have posted below.

Anyway, i've got about 30 minutes of internet time left to explain the entire last week, so....

Arrived in Nadi Friday and stayed 1 night before taking a little 18 seater putt putt flight from Nadi to Labasa, a short taxi and then about a 1 hour boat ride to the island of Vorovoro. Before leaving Labasa I had to buy a sula (a sort of manly sarong skirty thingy) and a bundle of Grog as a gift to Tui Mali the Chief of the Mali region which Vorovoro is part of. Grog is a root that is pounded to a flour then mixed with water to make a mild narcotic drink (i think this is accurate, maybe should google to be sure). After arriving on Vorovoro a bit of party was planned, so had a tiring but fun evening.

Flight to Labasa

Boat to Vorovoro

Buying Grog at Labasa Market

Boat to Vorovoro


Nothing much on Sunday, just relaxed on the beach and hammocks dotted around the village. In the evening I learned Meke a Fijian dance, which we would perform the following day, eek

Island is covered in Cocunut palms so smashed open this one with the Machete!

The Beach on Vorovoro

More Beach on Vorovoro

The Great Bure

Monday was chaos, it was Fiji day and Tui Mali had invited about 50-60 people to the island. During the day we had to Meke, which as it turned out was not too bad, although I had little practice it went ok - although the people we performed to just laughed. Later I was chosen as the person to present the Grog to Tui Mali, only one person of the latest visitors do this and apparently it had been stuffed up recently so apparently I had to get it right. There were sorts of etiquette things like, you have to crawl along the kava mat so you are not above the Chief, sit corss legged and never turn your back on him. Anyway all I had to say was 'Tui Mali this is my Sevu Sevu, thank you for allowing me to stay on your island', sound simple but apparently it had not been done correctly for a few weeks so it seemed like a lot of pressure. Anyway, thankfully I got it right! Then we drank the Kava, running out of time but there is whole ceromony for each cup so this took quite a long time. I had quite a few cups but was actually I little disapointed with kava, it did not taste bad despite looking like muddy water and it seemed to have a similer effect on your throat to Listerine.. I was told that the effect is cumulative as your body creates some kind of resitance over time.

Anyway, its a was a good day, even if a little scary at times.

Tui Mali

Bundle of Grog

Making Grass skirts for Meke


White('est) Man can('nt) Meke

Proper Meke

Making Kava

Should have made notes as i'm not sure about Tuesday and Wednesday, think I helped out with some of the projects they are running on the island. The idea is that its a self sustainable island so they have loads of veg gardens and water collection type thingies, everything is quite basic but works well. Big storm on Wednesday afternoon, apparently this the start of the rainy season.

Only the best showers for me.

The Storm, (hard hat was for falling cocunut protection).

Sunset after the storm

On Thursday we took one of the boats to go snorkling off the reef which was amazing. Saw loads of coral, fish and about 5 Reef sharks, the bigest being about 6 feet long! Then friday, just relaxed, then left on Saturday. Just back in Nadi now, off to Sydney tomorrow.

Just read there is some kinda travel warning about coming to Fiji - what a load of old rubarb!

Friday, October 05, 2007



I arrived in Fiji without any problems, bit tired. Just gone on the internet to escape the heat and confirm I am alive! Not done much so far, just sat by the pool.