Thursday, May 15, 2008

In Melbourne again (just for 15 hours though)

Arrived in Melbourne at 7 this morning, actually on my why to Perth but the cheapest way to get there was to take a flight to Melbourne first, only 3432km out of the way. Here for about 15 hours before my next flight so taking the opertunity to upload a few more pictures to flikr. Flying with budget budget Tiger airways, was really funny last night when my friend Clare was told she had $300 of excess luggage for her bag being 22kg. Even more funny was watching her wear almost every item of cloathing she owns whilst still in the tropical heat of Darwin.

Anyway, tour through the 'Red Centre' of Australia was great fun. Sleapt under the stars most night in swags (which is kind of like a bit thick water proof sleeping bag) or tents. Met loads of cool people, but was sad to say goodbye to a few long term travels chums in Darwin last night. Will try and list the places i've been to, but don't have my book to promt me at the moment, so will try and do that later.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Made it to Darwin (via Uluru and other places)

Will try and upload photos and write something later.