Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thought i'd upload one quick picture. This was one of the views from a lookout near Opito Bay.

Quick post :-)

Just a quick post to say i'm alive and well and currently staying in a nice little town called Kerikeri in Northland. Been here about a month and have been working in a Kiwi Fruit packing shed, done tons of hours so earned quite a bit despite the poor hourly rate. On friday I had a new job working on a government run kiwi fruit research farm (though contracted through same employer as before), just doing some easy pruning on saplings planted in February, really easy stuff and no massive pressure (as its a government job and everyone is pretty relaxed). Plans keep changing but will probably stay around whilst work is easily available then go on a bit more of a road trip. Seen some nice places here on weekends, recently went to beautiful place called Opito Bay and saw stunning views over the Bay of Islands. Today went to some hot springs (entry cost $4!), which was really nice and relaxing but a bit smelly (think I still stink despite having a shower already).

Would like to upload some pictures but mobile broadband is kinda pricy here so might have to wait a bit. Still have tons from Oz to upload, will try and sort through them then perhaps upload when I finish working.