Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back in Auckland

Did not see a Kiwi bird on Aroha but had a nice time bumbling around the woods in the dark trying to find one. Taupo Bay was also nice and generally not working has been great over the last week or so. Arrived back in Auckland yesterday, had my first Burger King in 3 monhts :-) . Anyway, I bought a tent today for $70 (reduced from $150). Going to go and camp Hekerua Lodge on Waiheke Island tomorrow. Its also a hostel so if I dont like camping or weather is rubbish i'll upgrade to a dorm. Think its going to rain a bit tomorrow night so fingers crossed my cheapo tent will be up to the job, wish me luck!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

More Travels

Finished working for Orangewood on thursday, 10 weeks after I started in the Kiwi fruit business. Yesterday got lots done, hair cut, bought and fitted battery for Emilys car and made lemon cream pie :-) . I'm still in Kerikeri at the moment but the following are my plans for the next week.

Tonight i'm going to stay in a cottage/hut and look for Kiwi birds at a place called Aroha Island . Monday i'm going to stay in Paihia and maybe Russel until Thursday/Friday and for the weekend am staying in another cottage/hut in a place called Taupo Bay. Then will probably be off to Auckland a week on monday and hopefully will explore some of the islands in the gulf.