Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Perth, Working in Manjimup, Perth, Leaving Perth!!


Been a while since I posted anything and I doubt this post will be much better to be honest, soooory. The big and exciting news is that i've added quite a few new photos, see the top 2 links on the right.

Right, ok, so where have I been???

Shortly after arriving in Perth we took a bus to a place called Manjimup about 6 hours bus journey south. There is not a lot in Manjimup but trees and lots of farms so spent about 8 weeks there becoming a master at pruning vines and earning very little money. It was good fun but not sure if pruning vines is a particularly good skill in Derbyshire, (fingers crossed on that global warming thing), oh well. It was quite a tricky job as each vine had be pruned a particular way so it grew correctly the following year, this sounds easy but we were paid about 40 cents per vine so you also had to do the job quickly and without chopping your fingers off with compressed air secateurs (yay, still have all 11 fingers :) ) .

Anyway, been back in a very rainy Perth for a couple of weeks to see the sites and appreciate civilisation. It might surprise some of you to know that is winter here, it just silly Aussie marketing people that make the world think the sun always shines. If it rained as hard as it has the last 2 weeks here at home, it would be considered some kind of national disaster. Soooo i'm heading North up the West Coast and back to the tropics on Saturday, wahoooooooo!!


Evidence: Me in a very cold Vineyard, very early in the morning, May'ish