Sunday, May 30, 2010

1770 and Agnes Water

In Agnes Water at the mo, next to 1770 (google it!). A nice relaxing quiet little place, mainly gone to to beach and scrambled over the rocks and cliff to explore the coast. Off to Airlie Beach next, will see if can get a last minute deal to go out on one the boats to the Whitsundays. Originally thought i'd go on a dive boat but i'm still suffering from a cold (or another one, not sure), so diving might not be an option (hope its gone by the time i'm in Cairns!!)

Just sorted through my photos of the east coast, nothing too exiting, a few nice beachy rocky ones from the last few days. Net speed is slooow here, so will probably upload them from Airlee.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nice at Noosa

In Noosa at the mo, very nice place but rained lots the last couple of days. Did a couple of walks along the dramatic coastline into the national park, (will upload pics soon). Saw a few things on the walks including 2 dogs (and man) surfing on one board, (watched them for a while they were really good but did fall in once), a replica spitfire type thing flew overhead and a cold and wet looking Koala up a tree :-)

Leaving Noosa tomorrow for Rainbow Beach, this is normally where you would go to fraser island, but as already done this (and camping in the rain would be a bit rubbish) I will travel on thursday to 'The town of 1770 / Agnes Waters' (not quite sure of the name but thats what it says on my bus timetable, not been there before so quite looking forward to it.

Think weather tomorrow is going to be nice but probably more rain after that, still warm though 20-25ish I think.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

On way to Noosa :-)

Left Surfers Paradise today, i'm in Brisbane now but leave here for
Noosa tomorrow. Was only in surfers a short time on my last trip and
thought i'd stay longer this time round, however decided not to
bother, its nothing great, reminded me of Benidorm. Should have
perhaps stayed in Byron a little longer. Noosa is nice (but
expenisve), so will perhaps stay there a while, will see.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Thiailand photos

Just uploaded a few more Thailand pics, mainly Koh Tao.

I'm in Byron at the moment. Arrived on saturday from Sydney. Was sunny in Sydney but a bit chilly and here it is cloudy but warm (actually tons of rain this morning). Friend won a $500 bus ticket (and sold it to me for $100) that will take me all the way to Cairns so moving on to Surfers Paradise tomorrow :-)

Started to look at flights from Cairns to Auckland, looks like going to be $280, hopefully find something cheaper but prob need to book something soon.

Dont think I really have too any good Oz pics yet, will have a look through and try and upload something.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

More Thailand and now back in Sydney

Arrived in Sydney on on Friday (7th), all going well so far. Wrote the following a few days ago...

Right, thought I’d better write something about the last few weeks as tomorrow I’m leaving Thailand for Australia.

Unfortunately I have not taken too many pictures as I spent most of the last few weeks underwater. I passed my PADI open water and advanced open water scuba diving courses on Koh Tao. Stayed and took my courses with BANS diving, apparently they are the busiest dive school in the world, I thought the teaching was really good with 1 teacher to 4 students when diving. Koh Tao is a really nice, has tons of nice sandy beaches and nice cheap restaurants and accommodation. Perhaps most importantly it has tons of dive sites surrounding the little island making it a really cheap place to learn.

Anyway, course took me until about the 25th April when I left for Ko Phangnan, stayed for a few days until after the full moon party but after Koh Tao it did not seem like such a nice place. Full moon party was fun but not quite my thing really so went back to Koh Tao on the 29th.

Had just under a week left, BANS was booked up so staying at place more or less next door. As learnt at BANS they gave me a discount to diving so went most days. Left for 1 night on Ko Samui today. Staying at nice hotel but right under flight path for airport, can see people in the plane windows when they land!

Just gone through my photos and don’t have much to upload. Think I have a few photos that others took, so will try and find and upload those too.