Thursday, November 20, 2008

Swokopmond to Vic Falls

ok, done lots and seen loads.

Bush camped at a place called Spitzkoppe and saw weird Oz style rock formations. Stroked a baby Giraffe and also a Cheetah again. Went to a Namibian National Park called Etosha and saw lots more wild stuff.

Then moved on to Botswana and camped out in the Okavango Delta for a few nights,
to get to our campsite we had to be punted through the Delta (closely passing hippos) on a small dug out canoe called a Mokoro made from a sausage tree, unfortunately ours leaked a little bit :-( . Whilst there we did a few game walks and saw lots of elephants and giraffe. On one of the walks early one morning I started to feel a bit sick and wobbly and was a bit ill for a couple of days, not a bad thing as been eating far to much of the food from the excellent tour chef. When feeling better on our return we did a scenic flight, it was very spectacular seeing the Delta and all the animals from above, in particular seeing Giraffe and Elephant wading through the water.

Next was Chobe National Park, for me the best safari since Kruger. I saw new things like a rare sighting of a pack of wild dogs, even luckier they were chasing a large warthog that managed to escape into a large burrow. Saw a Leopard resting in a tree with a dead Impala kill in another branch and a large rare antelope/deer thing called a Sable.

Then Victoria Falls for 2 weeks, seemed like a long time to start with but enjoyed not sleeping in tents and enjoyed lounging around the pool. The falls themselves are very spectacular, despite not being a full flow at the moment. Spent a day white water rafting the Zambezi river (as good as NZ rafting but much longer grade 5 sections). Did a walk through the bush with two 13 month old lions, really spectacular to get so close to such a powerfull animal.

Just returned from the pre-departure meeting for the next part of the tour that will take us through Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya. New guide seems nice which is good as the last one from the first part was a miserable…

Have loads of photos ready to upload but not had chance or fast enough internet access yet.


Just arrived in capital of Malawi after a couple of very rainy days in Zambia. Still slow net, so no pics.