Thursday, November 18, 2010

a few more

just uploaded a few more photos, again use the link in the post below.

Monday, November 15, 2010

lots of posts and no photos

Just realised I did no posts in October at all and then today (november) I did 3 so thought i'd do one more and make it 4 :-)

oh and my flickr account has expired so although I have uploaded all the photos I dont think you can see all of them and they will not show in the right place, click here to see some of them.


Just uploading some photos, not done a final sort of them so some might be a bit rubbish.

A month in Christchuch

Well, since those emails I have mainly been busy working in Christchurch (roadtrip distance was 4000km in the end). After a few days I started doing temp admin work for the Earthquake Commission, nothing too complicated just putting stickers on things, filing and a bit of data entry, its quite good as usually work from 8:30 - 6pm so getting the hours in. Drove over to Akaroa one weekend which was nice, still one of my favourite places in New Zealand.

Earthquakes are a regular occurrence, kind of get nervous when there is not one, 5.0 is still the highest I have experienced but had a few of them now. First couple of weeks we usually had a 4.x most days but seems to be less frequent now (though we had a 4.9 yesterday). On saturday I went to the horse races, it was the big cup day for Christchurch, really did not know what was going on but was quite good fun, lost $5 betting on a horse and $10 from my pocket :-(

Not definate, but probably leaving this week, probably head north a bit to the Marlborough Sounds.

Will try and sort my photos out over the next couple of days.

Bit of an update

Been a bit rubbish updating this, just looked back at a few emails and thought i'd post them here.

9th October

Been busy the last few weeks driving
around North Island, been great fun, drove 3600km so far. Arrived in
Wellington yesterday and will go to south island on the 8am ferry
tomorrow morning. Managed to travel quite cheaply as been staying in
free or cheap DOC (department of conservation) campsites. One
campsite site in the far north was even looked after by a couple of
volunteers and they gave is free fresh fish every day and free kayaks,
was great, should have stayed there longer. Journey was basiccally
around Northland, The Coromandel and then down the west coast, saw
lots of stuff I missed last time. Was really nice driving everywhere,
managed to find loads of gravel roads through big rain forest valleys.
Going to see if we can find a couple of weeks work in Blenheim

14th October

Had a nice road trip the last few weeks. Was going to look for work
in Blenheim but nothing is happening there for a another couple of
weeks so spent the last couple of days in Hamner Springs in the
mountains (they were snowy!) and managed to get free entry into one of
the thermal spas as Emily had a friend who works there. Now in
Christchurch for a couple of days but not sue where next, maybe have
another go at Blenheim but will see. Not sure if I want to feel an
earthquake or not, could be exciting, know they had a 5.0 aftershock
a couple of weeks ago.

14th October part2

Just had a little earthquake, lasted about 20 seconds but was really
gentle no idea how high on the scale, imagine tiny, quite odd feeling

14th October part3

just checked, apparently it was 5.0 at 4.42pm, always thought 5 was
quite high, but did not feel bad at all.

info here